Product Fulfillment

eHubSolutions is a third-party logistics fulfillment company that takes care of the entire order fulfillment process from start to finish. Product fulfillment services include receiving, processing, product inspection, inventory management, product prep and final shipment to your customers or fulfillment center. We offer product fulfillment solutions to match all of your needs. Our management staff is here to answer questions about our fulfilment solutions and to help solve your business’ unique fulfillment challenges.  Easy, one-click access to our online client dashboard allows you to review product fulfillment status, order prep and shipping services and manage your inventory in our virtual warehouse.  eHubSolutions provides fast inventory turn and stocking of goods by employing proven, cutting-edge warehouse management techniques.

Let eHubSolutions provide your third-party logistics, inventory management, pick and pack services and more to save you time and money as you grow your eCommerce business.

Benefits of Our Product Fulfillment

  • No Minimums
  • No Subscriptions or Monthly Fees
  • Lower Shipping Costs – Access to our volume discounts
  • Reduce Product Storage Costs – Only pay for the space you need
  • Manufacturer and Import Receiving – Ship directly to our warehouses from anywhere in the world
  • Lower Labor Costs – Reduce employment taxes and insurance by utilizing our warehouse staff
  • Amazon Inventory Return Management

Price Chart

FBA Prep Services and Forwarding$1.95 per Case or $35 per Single SKU Pallet / $40 per Mixed SKU Pallet (up to 4 SKU’s, additional SKU’s $1.95 per SKU)
Receiving$0.95 per Case or
$15 per Pallet – Single SKU
$20 per Pallet – Mixed SKU (up to 4 SKU’s, additional SKU’s $0.95 per SKU)
Storage$0.50 per Cubic Foot / Month (calculated on daily volume)
Amazon RemovalPricing
Pick, Pack & Ship (Retail Orders)$1.95 first order item + $0.75 per additional order Item
(International Orders Add $0.75)
Retail Returns$1.95 per Retail Order/Package
Warehouse Labor$45/hr.
Multipack or Bundling$1.95 per unit (up to 4 units per bundle)
FNSKU Labelling (FBA)$.35 per unit
Package Inserts$.35 per unit
Product Inspection$ Call For Quote
Product Testing$ Call For Quote
Unload & Sort 20′ Container$400.00 (may vary based on quantity, prod size, weight)
Unload & Sort 40′ Container$750.00 (may vary based on quantity, prod size, weight)
Supplies$Market +15%
Pallets$12.00 – $20.00 per pallet (based on size)