Amazon Removal Service

Remove Items to eHub Solutions Warehouse

FBA removal and storage service for Amazon sellers. Remove your overstocked or unfulfillable inventory to our warehouse, then ship into the Amazon warehouse as needed to replenish your inventory.

Recieving$0.10 an item
Storage $0.45 per cubic foot / Month

Return Items to Amazon

Palletize $40.00 per pallet (pallet, packaging, shrink wrapping, labels)
Pick, Pack & Ship $1.00 per Order + $0.15 Item + Shipping

Retail Order Fulfillment

Pick, Pack & Ship
(Retail Orders)
$1.75 per Order + $0.65 per additional Item
(International Orders Add $0.50)

Shipping Charges: Orders can be shipped via USPS, UPS or FedEx. Actual charges are billed per order if on our account. UPS and FedEx charges can be billed to your account if you prefer. US Domestic and International Shipping are available.