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[How to] Get Over a Sales Slump in 9 Steps

How to get out of a sales slump        

According to the US Census, all sales face a slump between the month of January and March. But is there a way to get around this slump and fight it? Fortunately, the answer is YES. You can get through this slump and come out victorious. At eHub Solutions, we care about our clients and we don’t want this first quarter slump to affect their businesses negatively.

 That is why we are making this blog post, to help all our clients increase their sales and combat the slump. There are many ways a businessman can combat the slump that varies from psychological to just logical. In this post, we are going to teach you the 9 ways to get over a sales slump.


The hardest part during a sales slump is the feeling we get sometimes (especially new business owners) that maybe this isn’t the best business for us and that we should let go. DON’T! and here’s why:

You have already spent money, time and energy in this business, and even if you are in a sales slump right now, you still gained experience and learned the market with a first-person experience to it. You have invested more than just money in your business now. Whether you were selling on Amazon, eBay, Ali express or wherever, you have gained experience other people have only read about. You can still make it but the first step to making it is to never give up on your plan.

No matter how tough it gets, you must be tougher and never give up

STEP 2 Get Back to the BASICS

With all the marketing plans and the expensive ways that are “the best way to boost your sales” a simple businessman can’t figure out what to do. Add to that the desperation that is happening because of the sales slump and you got yourself a ripe potential scam customer ready for picking.

No matter how bad the sales slump gets, never let yourself give in to the scam artists who would take advantage of you. But instead go back to your basic sales strategy. Remember when you first started? What was your sales plan then? Can you still do that?

I know it is a very simple step, but a lot of people forget about it. Always get back to the basics, the sure thing, that never failed you. Go talk to people about your product, share it on your Facebook, explore other social media platforms and work the basics. Don’t forget, businessmen, that all of us are first and foremost salesmen who just happen to own the business. Start working as a salesman again and go out and make those sales.

STEP 3 Work Smarter AND Harder

As we all know people like the saying of work smarter not harder… but people are lazy. You are a businessman, you are smart, and you will work hard. Success is not easy and will not come cheap. You will always be putting, time, money and effort into your business in order to keep it growing. We all know working the sales as suggested is a hassle and a lot of effort. But you are a businessman and you live for the hard work. You can do the hard work, you can do even harder work. Find the smartest way to increase your sales, and when you do, don’t stop until you’ve squeezed every sale you can get from it.


It’s ok to ask for help. It is not ok to just go without guidance. I always recommend getting a business coach for any business suffering from a slump in their sales. A business coach will make you understand better how to arrange your shipments and what types of products should you get and which type of marketing will make your products sell faster. A business coach price could range from $75 per hour to $500 per hour, or you can get packages for 2500 (average prices). A business coach is basically a type of consultant who becomes a little bit personal with and will be there for you step by step to help you grow your business even in a sales slump. Our eHub Solutions recommendation for places to find business coach are those websites

A coach usually has more experience than you and will always be willing to help you understand more all the aspects of your business

STEP 5 New Ideas New Looks New Presentation

Getting your business to try out a new idea has worked great for a lot of business owners. Take for example the story of Dropbox. At first, they weren’t getting any customers and they were paying in advertising more than they were making back from sign-ups. However, they had the new idea of giving a free 1Gb of storage for every client who invites another. And because people wanted the free storage space, they started inviting all their friends to use the Dropbox. With that Dropbox increased its clients by 3900% in four years.

Another great story is the Airbnb idea that made them make millions. When Airbnb first started, they were barely making it as a company. So, they started asking their customers about how they used to rent places before Airbnb and they all answered, “through craigslist”. By knowing this, Airbnb reverse engineered the craigslist website and managed to have every listing they must be published simultaneously on craigslist. Now Airbnb is worth 10 BILLION DOLLARS.

You can do the same with your e-commerce business. Find your own billion dollars idea and eHub has your back and we’ll be there every step of the way to help you with the fulfillment and the logistics that you need

What I’m saying is take time off and think of new ideas that could boost your business. It could be as simple as gamification, like Dropbox, where you give some sort of credit to your customers when they spread your business or maybe just as easy as finding a new place to market your products, just like how Airbnb did

STEP 6 Let Go of the Dementors and the Hippies

This one is very psychological. A lot of the people you will meet will try to drag you downhill in various ways.

The first kind is the Dementors, and just like in the harry potter books and movies, those are the ones who will try to suck all the hopes, dreams and happy thoughts that you might have about your business. They will try to put you down by saying that you’ve tried your luck or that you haven’t been successful enough to keep on going, or they might even tell you to go get a real job.
Don’t be mad at those people, instead, you should feel pity towards them. They will never know any idea of work except their 9 to 5 job. They don’t understand the thrill of a good business deal, they have never had the opportunity to enjoy looking at their sellers-central page after black Friday. They don’t know what it’s like to negotiate a great deal from the supplier, but you do. Don’t let anyone put you down with their words, you are in a great business and like any other businesses there are ups and downs. So, don’t let one of the downs keep you there.

The second type of drag downs are even more dangerous, those are the carefree, careless and corrosive hippies and you have to be very careful when dealing with them. The second type of drag downs are the ones who will tell you that it’s ok, you just need to relax and do nothing. The danger in those people is that they are very convincing, and everyone would rather rest than work, so you might find yourself liking what they are saying. BEWARE THOSE TYPES OF DRAG DOWNS. It is very easy to wake up in the morning and feel like you don’t want to do anything today, but if you want to make your business thrive then you wake up every morning and find ways to sell more products.

At eHub Solutions, you will never find anything but support to your work and amazing quality. We want you to succeed and sell more. We are rooting for you and for your business. We believe in you and we are here to help you with everything you may need to boost your business. Whether it was storage, picking, packing drop shipping or any sort of fulfillment, we got your back.

STEP 7 Change Your Environment, Boost Your Business.

It is always hard to work when one is not feeling very well. Most business owners can’t escape their environment because they have a permanent place where they work at; however, like all eHub Solutions clients, you are in luck. E-Commerce business owners have the privilege of working from anywhere, and sometimes even working from their phones. This gives the eHub Solutions customers the freedom to go anywhere and change their work environment.

GET OUT! Take your work and go somewhere else. You would be surprised how a change in your environment can change in your mood. Try taking your laptop and going to a new coffee shop. Go sit in a place by the beach or go to a place with a nice view. A change in the environment will influence your mood and this will appear on the quality of work you’ll do and will boost your business.

Open your Yelp app of google maps or whatever app you use to find new places and find a new place to go to and work there. However, I would have to warn you to stay away from places where there could be a lot of distractions.

Good places: places with a great view (beaches, pool, garden, etc..)
Bad places: nightclubs, theme parks, movie theaters, etc…

And for our eHub Solutions customers, you know we are open for you and that you can just send us an email or call us, no matter where you are and we will get your products ready for you.


Now that you’ve gotten yourself away from the drag downs (good riddance), it’s time to look up to influencers. Influencers will always push you further and will give you hope when you can see none. Opposite to the drag downs, the inspirational quotes and success stories that you are going to read about on the pages of the influencers will get you back up again. It will make you feel like you can do anything, and it is true… you can do anything you set your mind to. Look at those success stories, you don’t think they faced sales slumps? Of course, they did, but they fought through it and got to the other side, and so could you.

Here is a list from eHub Solutions combining some of our favorite business influencers:


Whoever says money doesn’t buy happiness, show them the Instagram account of Dan Bilzerian. Money can get you the party life or a stable family life. It would get your kids through college and get you that new car or this big house. But most importantly, money brings more money. You are successful, but you need to enjoy that success. Let go of the drag down people in your life and go share your success with the world. Share the amazing stuff you CAN DO. Share your troubles and how you overcome it.

You are a star, don’t let anyone tell you any different. When everyone goes to their safe 9 to 5 job you risk it and you enjoy the rewards. People need to know about you, so get out there, start sharing how awesome you are and become an influence on other people.

Top Fulfillment Company


A top fulfillment company or a top fulfillment service will do everything for you. If you asked for the best e-commerce fulfillment company then you should get an inspection on your shipped in product, you should have your products safely and properly shelved, you need to know how many products you do have stored, how many were shipped, how many are being picked and packed right now for shipment. A top company will ship your products fast and will treat your products with respect.

A top fulfillment company will give you

Top Product Inspection

Top Product Count

Top Product Storage

Top Pick and Pack

Top Labeling

Top Shipping

Top Drop Shipping

Top Prices


With eHub Solutions, you can be sure that we inspect your product. We make sure that every shipment we get is thoroughly inspected in case there were any mistakes that might have happened from the factories. We also inspect the inventory sent to us for any damages that might have happened through shipping. We don’t want our client’s customers to get faulty merchandise. Because we know that sometimes it is not your fault and yet your customers will give you a bad rating, and we don’t want this to happen to you. We care about our clients here at eHub Solutions and we want our clients to thrive in their business endeavors.


          After carefully inspecting all the incoming shipments we start counting them one by one to make sure that the number that our clients expected to be shipped are the exact number of the products we have. We consider counting to also be our secondary check up because with each product counted, we do a quick scan to make sure that everything still looks ok and that we did not miss anything in our preliminary inspections. This is what makes a fulfillment company THE TOP FULFILLMENT COMPANY. At eHub Solution,s we put extra care and hard work into everything we do.


          The shelving process here at eHub Solutions is done with precision. We are experts at storing products. Our warehouse team knows where everything should be shelved. We make sure that your products are safe and that they are away from any humidity, sun or hazardous material. Our warehouses’ temperature is monitored 24/7 and we have the top security systems installed. This makes storing with us the best way to preserve your merchandise before shipping them to your customers. Your products are never mixed in with any other merchandise. We make sure that every client’s inventory is clearly separated. We understand that your merchandise is very special and should be carefully handled and that is exactly what we do.




          When you need an order shipped out, whether it was in bulk to Amazon or simply a dropship. We are here to go through your merchandise and pick you what you asked for. Do not worry if you have multiple types of merchandise with us or even if you have the same product with different alterations. We never mix alterations or different products of the same client together. We will always pick exactly what you asked to be shipped. With eHub, you can rest assured that those silly mistakes that would cost you bad ratings will NEVER happen with us.


          When we pack your inventory, we never throw it around, the way you know most fulfillment companies do. We handle it with care because we know that this inventory is our client’s hard-earned money put into products. We understand that the way we pack your shipments is going to affect your business rating and we want your business to thrive and that is why we put some extra care into packing. We never use cheap boxes or any packing material for that matter. eHub Solutions is the best fulfillment company and that is why we only use the best packing material out there. We pack your shipments in the best way we can so even if the shipping company messes up, your customers would still end up with a fantastic looking product.


          We know that labeling can mess up everything above if done badly. But you can rest at ease if you are using the services of eHub Solutions because we are the experts. We have a team who are only responsible for labeling. We know the frustration of getting a wrong label on a product and the mess that would happen if someone messes the labeling process up. We know shipping is costly and especially when your business depends on it. That is why at eHub we created a team whose only purpose is to make sure that every product is labeled clearly and correctly. We are the top order fulfillment company and our clients expect nothing but the best from us.


At eHub, we use the services of USPS, UPS, FedEx, and LTL Freight. We get the best prices that would serve your product. We make sure that your products are going to be safe with the shipping company. Our shipment services are divided into two divisions; we can ship in bulk to Amazon, Shopify, etc…, or we can drop ship your products directly to your customers. What makes us great at shipping is our speed. Our shipping speed is prime eligible and with us, you can rest assured that your customer satisfaction will go through the roof.
Check our Drop Shipping option.

Now I know you’re thinking all this can’t come cheap, but you would be wrong. eHub Solutions understand that putting a lower price on our services would get us more clients and this is our chance to help more business owners make it. That is why, opposite your customer reviews, our prices are very low. We store your products for the mere price of $0.45 per cubic foot monthly, which is more than 81% cheaper than Amazon. And our pick and pack prices are at 1.75, 63% cheaper than Amazon.

Check for yourself, click here for prices

We Get Ship Done!

Drop Shipping

Do you have a website, blog, or eCommerce account that you want to make money from but don’t want to carry inventory or fulfill your own orders? Maybe you have a retail business and you want to add product offerings without the additional warehouse and staffing costs? If so, drop shipping with us is a perfect solution for turning your retail efforts into additional cash flow without additional headaches.

eHubSolutions will be your virtual warehouse and shipping department. Select from our in house inventory, use our import services, or send us your products for warehousing and shipping. More details ...